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Chemical gloves search engine

Choosing a glove offering protection for any application is a complicated process. In order to respond to the various issues, Delta Plus offers a wide range of protective gloves designed using different materials (Latex, Nitrile, Neoprene, PVC), which, by nature, have specific behaviour vis-à vis a chemical product.


107-87-9 Methyl n-propyl ketone NITREX VE802 VE802 NITRILE 1 (> 10)
107-87-9 Methyl n-propyl ketone NITREX VE846 VE846 NITRILE 1 (> 10)

Before any searching for any products, ask yourself a few questions. They will guide you through choosing a glove for protection against chemical risks:

  • The nature and characteristics of the products handled. For this, help yourself to:
    • The Safety Data Sheet provided by the chemical manufacturer will help you identify the family
    • The CAS number of the substance used written on the product
  • LThe type of contact with chemical products (immersion, splashing)
  • The length of time you will wear the gloves
  • The skills required
  • Factors that could degrade the gloves (associated mechanical risk, electrical, thermal...)
  • The surface condition of objects to be manipulated (slippery objects?)
  • Individual characteristics of the operator (hand size, allergies to certain substances?)

Once this analysis is done, you are ready to use the search engine. A colour code will guide you through your choices and enable you to choose the product best suited to your environment.

Permeation (tested as per standard EN374-3)

Process by which a chemical product diffuses through the material of a protective glove, at the molecular scale.
A glove is considered resistant to chemical products if it obtains a performance index to permeation at least equal to 2 for three test chemical products included in the following list of chemical products:
Code letter Chemical product Code letter Chemical product
A Methanol G Diethylamine
B Acetone H Tetrahydrofurane
C Acetonitrile I Ethyl acetate
D Dichloromethane J n-Heptane
E Carbon disulfide K Caustic soda 40 % (NaOH or sodium hydroxide)
F Toluene L Sulphuric acid 96 %
Warning: The data contained in this chemical gloves search engine is based on laboratory tests results on the palm of the glove or on extrapolations of such tests. These tests were conducted using standard test methods that may not correspond to the conditions of use on the site. Consequently, and where Delta Plus has no knowledge or control over the conditions of use of their products, these recommendations are indicative only and may not incur their liability.